Plans of Work By Major ProgramKentucky Extension Reporting System

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Pac Code Name
select 1002 Water and Soil Quality and Conservation
select 1011 Beef
select 1012 Dairy
select 1013 Aquaculture
select 1014 Swine
select 1015 Poultry/Small Flocks
select 1016 Small Ruminants (includes sheep, goats) and Exotic animals
select 1017 Equine
select 1018 Beekeeping
select 1019 Small Farm Diversification
select 1021 Local Food Systems
select 1031 Horticulture, Consumer and Home
select 1032 Master Gardener
select 1033 Soil testing
select 1034 Hay testing
select 1035 Plant ID
select 1036 Pest ID
select 1037 Plant Disease ID
select 1038 Animal Disease
select 1042 Chemical Management
select 1043 Integrated Pest Management
select 1046 Pollinators
select 1051 Horticulture, Commercial
select 1055 Community Gardens and Horticulture Therapy
select 1071 Grains
select 1072 Forages
select 1073 Tobacco
select 1075 Hemp
select 1081 Farm Management, Economics and Policy
select 1084 Agriculture and Extension Leadership Development
select 1088 Small Farm Management
select 1122 Forest Education: Health, Management, and Utilization
select 1123 Wildlife Habitat and Damage Management Education
select 2001 Kentucky Extension Leadership Development (KELD): Developing Core Leadership Skills
select 2002 Champion Food Volunteers
select 2003 Master Clothing Volunteer
select 2004 Kentucky Extension Homemaker Association
select 2011 Aging-General
select 2022 Substance Use Prevention and Recovery General
select 2024 Faithful Families
select 2027 Active Living and Health Promotions General
select 2028 Recipes for Life
select 2031 Family Development General
select 2038 Stories, Songs, and Stretches
select 2056 Financial Education - General
select 2061 Plate It Up! Kentucky Proud
select 2062 Food Preparation and Preservation
select 2066 Nutrition and Food Systems General
select 2067 Apparel and Textiles (Non-Master Clothing Volunteer)
select 2068 Cook Wild Kentucky
select 2070 Cook Together, Eat Together
select 2071 LEAP
select 2072 National Dining with Diabetes
select 2073 Super Star Chef
select 2081 Home-Based Microprocessor Program
select 2082 Positive Employability
select 2091 Build Engaged and Empowered Communities – General
select 2092 Policy, Systems, and Environmental Changes
select 3001 Business Retention and Expansion
select 3002 Agritourism Planning
select 3003 First Impressions
select 3004 Economic Development
select 3011 Kentucky Extension Leadership Development (KELD)
select 3012 Youth Engagement Leadership Program (YELP)
select 3013 Conflict Resolution
select 3014 Facilitation Training
select 3015 Community Leadership Development
select 3016 Community Engagement
select 3021 Local Food System Development and Mapping
select 3031 Community Design/Creative Placemaking
select 3032 Enhancing the Creative Economy
select 3033 Trail Design
select 3034 Arts Engagement
select 3035 Breakfast with the Arts
select 3036 Artistic Skill Development
select 3037 Increasing Access to Quality Arts Experiences
select 3038 Volunteer Engagement in the Arts
select 3039 Essential Skill Development
select 3041 Building Healthy Coalitions
select 3042 Community Health Needs Assessment
select 3045 Arts and Community Health
select 3051 Community Strategic Planning
select 3052 Community Analysis
select 4011 Volunteer Development
select 4012 21st Century Skills (Career & Workplace Development)
select 4013 Civic Engagement
select 4021 Agriculture
select 4022 Natural Resources
select 4031 Communications and Expressive Arts
select 4041 Family and Consumer Science
select 4051 Leadership
select 4052 Camping
select 4061 Health
select 4081 Science, Engineering, and Technology
select 7001 Staff Development
select 7002 Administrative Functions