Success StoryCharcuterie Boards

Charcuterie Boards

Author: Jane Proctor

Planning Unit: Trimble County CES

Major Program: Food Preparation and Preservation

Plan of Work: Enhance Life Skills and Build Consumer Awareness

Outcome: Intermediate Outcome

The interest in Charcuterie boards as a type of food service as been on the rise in popularity. Although this method of food presentation has been around for many years, the current trend has become all encompassing while including a variety of food choices and different types of serving vessels.  Because of the rise of popularity, the Trimble County Family and Consumer Science Agent hosted a Charcuterie class that addressed preparation methods, food safety, food storage, and incorporating the five senses to prepare a well-balanced board while providing a healthy alternative for family or holiday gatherings. Additional topics covered included the history of charcuterie boards, cross contamination, and how to make the boards pleasing and more nutritious with texture, colors, variety of food and fillers.

Thirty-five individuals participated in person at the Trimble County Cooperative Extension office.   The presenter provided instruction via zoom, however ingredients were provided to participants for a hands-on experience.  

Evaluation results indicated:

97% of participants understood safe food handling practices, storage, and preparation of food for a board. 

96% of participants understood the difference between cross-contamination and cross-contact and the issues they could create with food boards.

95% of participants have a better understanding of the history of charcuterie boards.

92% of participants have a better understanding of the importance of textures, colors, and fillers on charcuterie boards.

100% of participants learned how to prepare a balanced board and understood Charcuterie better.  

A three-month follow-up evaluation revealed that 65% of the participants reported making a charcuterie board for family gatherings and holidays, with 25% of the participants making four or more boards for various occasions.  

One participant stated: “After attending this program and learning the principles of building a charcuterie board, it was great activity to bring my family together.” 


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