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Enhance Life Skills and Build Consumer Awareness
Enhance Life Skills and Build Consumer Awareness
Agents Involved:
Proctor, Hance
Financial Education - General

Positive personal finance behaviors prepares Kentuckians for any future economic shift. The United States has been in an extremely long period of economic expansion; however, expansions are cyclical, meaning growth is eventually followed by recession. Securing financial stability for Kentuckians will help families thrive no matter the economic outlook. Financial stability is achieved when families are able to secure and manage resources needed to supply food, clothing, and shelter. Through increased financial knowledge, families may be able to make wise financial decisions, increase buying power, avoid overextended credit, develop savings habits, and manage risks.

Long-Term Outcomes:
Intermediate Outcomes:
Initial Outcomes:

Outcome:  Increased awareness of sound financial behaviors

Indicator(s):  Number of individuals who implemented at least one 

strategy to reduce expenses or manage money

Number of individuals who made a sound financial decision 

(regarding credit, budgeting, savings, and/or debt)

Method:  Retroactive pre-post

Timeline: Following financial education workshops

Outcome:  Increase knowledge and skills related to 

managing financial resources

Indicator: Number of individuals reporting increased levels of

understanding in the area: confidence in handling money issues

or specific financial matters

Method:  Retroactive pre-post 

Timeline:  Following financial education workshops

Outcome:  Increase knowledge and skills related to 

estate planning

Indicator: Number of individuals who took action toward 

implementing at least one estate planning strategy in regard to the subject matter presented

Method:  Retroactive pre-post 

Timeline:  Following financial education workshops

Learning Opportunities:

Audience: Adults, young adults, and teens

        Project or Activity: Money Habitudes Online

         Content or Curriculum: Money Habitudes

          Inputs: Proctor, curriculum publications and resources, Money Habitudes cards, UK Specialist

          Date: October 2022

Audience: Adults, young adults, and teens

       Project or Activity: Credit Education online

       Content or Curriculum: Good Credit Game

       Inputs: Proctor, curriculum publications and resources, Good Credit Game set

     Date:  Spring 2023

Project or Activity: Financial Education

       Content or Curriculum: Real Skills for Everyday Life

       Inputs: Proctor, OVEC Headstart Parent committee, curriculum publications and resources

        Date: Fall 2022

Audience: Trimble County Sophomores and Eighth Graders

Project or Activity: Trimble County Reality Store

Content or Curriculum: It's Your Reality, Dollars and Sence

Inputs: Hance, Kentucky 4-H resources, Trimble County School officials, and volunteers

Date: Fall 2022

Success Stories

Record Keeping

Author: Regina Utz

Major Program: Farm Management, Economics and Policy

On September 8th, 2022, I hosted a record keeping program at the extension office. As a part of this program, I contacted Katie Taylor from our local Farm Service Agency to come help explain the importance of record keeping. The program was held at the Trimble County Extension Office. The program was targeted for farmers but was open to anyone looking to improve their record keeping skills. We had 11 participants show up for the program. Katie spoke first about why keeping records are impor

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4-H Country Hams Project

Author: Ralph Hance

Major Program: Agriculture

As technology continues to advance, young people’s written and verbal communication skills continue to lack, which are important life skills they need to acquire; therefore, the Trimble County 4-H program promotes the 4-H Country Ham Project where youth gain these life skills.  The 4-H Country Ham Project also teaches 4-H members about food preservation and the time-honored tradition and history of curing country hams.Trimble County has not participated in this project before 2021. &n

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Beekeeping Basics

Author: Regina Utz

Major Program: Beekeeping

The Trimble County Extension Service determined there was a need for a Beekeeping Basics program based on agricultural survey responses. The President of the Oldham County Beekeepers Association led the group of 34 individuals through a variety of uses for bees and bee products.  Due to the wealth of knowledge the speaker possessed participants began to explore new opportunities they were unaware of in working with bees. The speaker brought in equipment that attendees were able to observe a

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Charcuterie Boards

Author: Jane Proctor

Major Program: Food Preparation and Preservation

The interest in Charcuterie boards as a type of food service as been on the rise in popularity. Although this method of food presentation has been around for many years, the current trend has become all encompassing while including a variety of food choices and different types of serving vessels.  Because of the rise of popularity, the Trimble County Family and Consumer Science Agent hosted a Charcuterie class that addressed preparation methods, food safety, food storage, and incorporating

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