Plans of Work By Major ProgramKentucky Extension Reporting System

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FY Planning Unit MAP Title Program Plan
Select 2021 Shelby County CES Life Skill Development Securing Financial Stability
Select 2021 Estill County CES Local Foods and Sustainable Agriculture Marketing, Diversifying, and Managing Local Agriculture
Select 2021 Calloway County CES Production Agriculture 2020 Local Foods/Commercial Horticulture (MTC, KLP)
Select 2021 Carroll County CES Agriculture Enhancement and Sustainability Livestock Production
Select 2021 Boyle County CES Small Agriculture Increasing quality and quantity of small agriculture practices
Select 2021 Hardin County CES Enhancing Financial Literacy and Consumer Awareness Developing Skills and Confidence through Financial and Consumer Education
Select 2021 Powell County CES Sustaining the Profitability of Agriculture Producing & Marketing Agricultural Products
Select 2021 Greenup County CES Youth and Families Enhancing Life Skills and Building Consumer Awareness
Select 2021 Boyd County CES Livestock and Equine Issues Equine
Select 2021 Boyd County CES Sustainable Agriculture Practices General Agricultural Practices
Select 2021 Wolfe County CES Agriculture Profitability & Marketing Agriculture Production, Diversification, & Sustainability
Select 2021 Kenton County CES 2021 Sustainable Agriculture and Horticulture Practice 2021 Agriculture and Horticulture Economic Support Programs
Select 2021 Lincoln County CES Agriculture Profitability and Longevity Agriculture Sustainability and Marketing 2020-24
Select 2021 Knott County CES Ag Production and Sustainability Ag Production
Select 2021 Russell County CES Improving Farm Management Ag Stewardship, Small Farms