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Anne Stephens

Extension Agent for Fine Arts in Greenup County

Program Areas

  • Fine Arts / Community and Economic Development

Social Connections

Success Stories

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    Community Leadership and Tourism

    Greenup County has experienced multiple changes in county leadership over the past year. A new judge executive, county attorney, tourism director, mayors and city managers, and a newly designed Chambe...

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  • Creative Crafters Club



    Creative Crafters Club

    Many people find that spending time crafting enhances mental wellbeing, creates community connections, and can be a creative outlet for anyone of any age. After multiple inquiries were made about a cr...

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  • Handcrafted Weekend



    Handcrafted Weekend

    The Greenup Quilt Guild has organized and facilitated a Quilt Show at Greenbo Lake State Resort Park for 30+ years. After the pandemic shut-down of events, there was a concern that the show would not ...

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  • Final Friday Friends Jam



    Final Friday Friends Jam

    There is a population of people in our community who enjoy music, playing instruments, songwriting, and performing at the amateur level. Some of these people may perform as professionals, but not as a...

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