Success StoryFitBlue Virtual 5K in May

FitBlue Virtual 5K in May

Author: Kayla Watts

Planning Unit: Breathitt County CES

Major Program: Fit Blue/Get Moving KY

Plan of Work: Educating and Nurturing Healthy Lifestyles

Outcome: Initial Outcome

According to Kentucky By The Numbers:  COVID-19 At Risk County Profiles, 16.8% (11.3%-24.4%) of the adult population of Breathitt County has diabetes and 36.1% (27.0%-46.3%) of the adult population is obese. Because physical activity is linked to better management of chronic diseases and lowering obesity rates, it is very important that Breathitt County citizens, particularly the mentioned populations, have access and motivation to participate in physical activities, especially during very stressful times such as the COVID-19 pandemic.

Breathitt County Extension Agent for Family and Consumer Sciences (FCS) Education, Kayla Watts, in partnership with University of Kentucky FCS Extension Specialists, hosted a 4-week FitBlue, on-line based #TeamKentucky walking program where participants learned the importance of healthy diet and exercise.  Too, participants were given the opportunity to complete the Virtual 5K in May Program as the final celebration of the program.

Approximately 31 Breathitt County citizens, participated in the 4-week program where they tracked steps, and incorporated more physical activity into daily living. Each participant completed the Virtual 5K in May!

One participant stated, “This program was a great motivator, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.  This is my first 5K and I am so proud of myself!  I know this helps my overall health."

Physical activity programs such as FitBlue walking and 5k challenges are a great tool to teach and encourage families about making healthy lifestyle choices.  Citizens equipped with new knowledge are then able to better manage chronic diseases and weight even during stressful times such as COVID-19.

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