Success StorySmall Appliance Workshop

Small Appliance Workshop

Author: Deborah Shepherd

Planning Unit: Wayne County CES

Major Program: Food Preparation

Outcome: Intermediate Outcome

Small Appliance Workshop

New, trendy small appliances seem to be coming out on the market at a rapid rate. These are often marketed to consumers to save time, money and energy. These products are often purchased without being fully researched and the consumer is left with a new machine that they do not know how to properly use. This contributes to money invested in a product that is not being used and space that is now being occupied by bulky boxes. 

In an effort to educate consumers about new small appliances on the market, the Family and Consumer Sciences agents from Adair, Casey, Cumberland and Green counties presented four Small Appliance district workshops. The following small appliances were demonstrated: Air Fryer, Bread Machine, Jam and Jelly Maker, Electric Pressure Cooker, and Toaster Oven. Specific aspects that were covered included time-saving features, cost and storage space for the appliances, and nutrition of food prepared.

A total of twenty-eight people participated in the workshops. Of those, twenty currently owned one of the small appliances and ten reported currently using the small appliance. Twenty-four participants reported on the evaluation that they had gained knowledge and that the program helped them make a decision on purchasing a specific small appliance. Twelve participants stated that they planned to use the small appliances that they currently owned more often. One participant stated "I will use the appliances that I had previously purchased more often and with more confidence because of this program". Another stated "I plan to use my small appliances more often to make healthier meals at home and eat fast food less".

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