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FY Planning Unit MAP Title Program Plan
Select 2020 Hickman County CES Making Healthy Lifestyle Choices Increase health literacy & activity and encourage nutritious food choices.
Select 2020 Carlisle County CES Empowering Community Leaders Leadership Education, Community Collaboration, and Advisory Council Development
Select 2020 Harrison County CES Community Development Community Engagement and Economic Development
Select 2020 Ballard County CES Healthy Living Making Healthy Lifestyle Choices
Select 2020 Magoffin County CES Sustainable, Healthy Lifestyle Choices Promoting Sustainable, Healthy Lifestyles and Communities
Select 2020 Simpson County CES Adopting Healthy Lifestyles Making Healthy Lifestyle Choices
Select 2020 Adair County CES Community & Economic Development Improving Small Businesses in Adair County
Select 2020 Gallatin County CES Healthy Communities Healthy Environment
Select 2020 Whitley County CES Strengthening Local Food Systems Strengthening Local Food Systems
Select 2020 Whitley County CES Community Arts Engagement Arts and Creativity
Select 2020 McCreary County CES Community Leadership Leadership Development
Select 2020 Shelby County CES Leadership & Community Development Collaboration & Strategic Planning
Select 2020 Scott County CES Healthy Homes, Families, and Communities Promoting Physical Activity
Select 2020 Jessamine County CES Health, Safety, & Wellness Improving Health & Well Being
Select 2020 Nelson County CES Lifestyle: Healthy Generations & Food Systems Promoting Positive Lifestyles & Tapping into Local Food Systems
Select 2020 McLean County CES Community and Economic Development Developing McLean County