Food Preparation and PreservationMajor Program


Total Hours




with Local Stakeholders.



of Multistate Efforts.


Total Number

of Volunteers Engaged.

Program Indicators

Number of individuals who reported preparing more healthy home-cooked meals


Number of pints of fruits, vegetables or fruit/vegetable products canned through water bath canning (e.g. pickles, jams, jellies, sauces)


Number of individuals who demonstrated safe handling and preparation and/or preservation of food


Number of individuals who reported improved knowledge, opinions, skills, or aspirations regarding the safe storage, handling, preparation and/or preservation of food


Number of pints of vegetables, soups, meats, or other value-added products canned through pressure canning


Number of pints of fruits or vegetables frozen


Number of pints of fruits or vegetables dried


Number of Food Preservation Workshop participants


Number of Food Preservation Workshop participants reporting an increase in food preservation skills



Cooking Camp In a Bag

University of Kentucky Cooperative Extension offices are usually busy places in the summer, buzzing with young people learning lots of life skills in day camps that cover cooking, gardening, sewing and a plethora of other activities. The COVID-19 pandemic has quashed all that, but extension educators believe if theres a will, theres a way.In a three county effort, the idea for a Day Camp in a Bag was implemented. In Carroll County the FCS Agent, 4-H Agent and the regional Supplemental Nutrition ...

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Cooking Camp In a Bag

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