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with Local Stakeholders.



of Multistate Efforts.


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of Volunteers Engaged.

Program Indicators


Number of vendors reporting increased sales at markets where Plate it up! Kentucky Proud recipes are tasted or recipe cards distributed



Number of individuals more likely to buy a Kentucky fruit or vegetable as a result of receiving a Plate It Up! Kentucky Proud recipe card or sampling a recipe



Number of individuals who reported an increase in their fruit and/or vegetable consumption as a result of participating in a Plate it up! Kentucky Proud program



Dollar value of vendor-reported increased sales associated with Plate it up! Kentucky Proud recipes tasted or cards distributed



Number of individuals who indicated that they purchased the fruits and vegetables featured on the Plate It Up! Kentucky Proud recipe card



Plate It Up Kentucky Proud Across the Commonwealth

With the increasing trends of chronic disease and obesity in Kentucky, individuals, families, and communities need tools and strategies to support healthy and active lifestyle choices. 1/5 of Barren County residents report being in poor-fair health (County Health Rankings and Roadmaps 2017); 16% of Barren County Adults have diabetes and almost half (45%) have hypertension (Kentucky Health Facts). The Family and Consumer Sciences Agent set out to reach diverse audiences to help combat chronic dis...

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Plate It Up Kentucky Proud Across the Commonwealth

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