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Total Hours




with Local Stakeholders.



of Multistate Efforts.


Total Number

of Volunteers Engaged.

Program Indicators

Number of producers who implemented on-farm trials for new grain variety production (i.e. rye, wheat, hops)


Number of producers who implemented on-farm trials for grain management


Number of producers  that increased knowledge of production, fertility management, varieties, insect control, disease or pests and/or sustainable practices  


Number of producers who can distinguish between genetically and non-genetically engineered crops


Number of producers who can distinguish between genetically engineered and non-genetically engineered crops


Number of producers who can locate unbiased information on Ag biotechnology


Number of producers who applied Extension information for grain production related to fertility management, varieties, control of insect, disease or pest and/or sustainable practices  



Carlisle/Fulton-River Counties Crop Webinar Series

Every winter producers attend numerous in-person meetings held by extension on various row crop related topics, but due to Covid-19 these in-person meeting were not held. The Carlisle County and Fulton County Ag Agents developed a 5 part series to provide information to the producers in their area an opportunity to receive these updates, interact with the Specialist, and maintain social distancing, all from the comfort of their living room or office.The agents scheduled 5 Monday evening sessions...

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Carlisle/Fulton-River Counties Crop Webinar Series

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    Union County is known not only for the quality of grain produced but also the quantity. Although 2020 has been anything but ordinary, farmers still had their crops to grow. As this was my first yield ... Read More

  • No-Till Conference Argentina

    Decades ago, our predecessors in Pant and Soil Sciences (Agronomy at that time) visited Argentina and taught farmers there how to raise crops in no-tillage conditions. Today, they have an Argentinian ... Read More

  • No-Tillage Presentation to Extremely Large US Farm Consortium

    A very large farming consortium in the United States is interested in implementing more no-tillage practices in their farms. These farms span the United States are well in excess of 100,000 acres. Dan... Read More

  • Farm Visit: Apparent Nutrient Deficiencies

    People from a farm supply company had a farmer who had corn that appeared to be nutrient deficient in specific patterns across fields. The patterns appeared to be consistent with the GPS map of the fe... Read More

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