Success StoryAmish Community in Hardin County

Amish Community in Hardin County

Author: Fernanda Camargo

Planning Unit: Animal and Food Sciences

Major Program: Equine

Outcome: Intermediate Outcome

For the fourth year in a row, I have been helping the Amish Community in Hardin County, alongside with Bonnie Jolly, to maintain their horses in good working condition. We first taught the importance of strong vaccination and biosecurity programs in 2017, and since then, any issues they have regarding their horses’ health (including nutrition, vaccination programs, pregnancies, etc), they contact Bonnie, who then contacts me, and together we develop a plan of action. It has been amazing to watch these horse owners, and this entire community, pay more attention to their horses’ welfare. Dr. Pedro de Pedro helps with any veterinary needs they may have, as Hardin County does not have a large animal veterinarian, let alone an equine veterinarian.

Bonnie has an excellent rapport with them, and has been a great liaison between our college and them. It is satisfying to know that they reach out to us for our knowledge and guidance as opposed to members of their community, which is what they used to do. I look forward to continue to help them, even if Bonnie is retired, as she has assured me she will continue to play that role between us and them.

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