Success StoryMeeting the needs of people during the covid -19 shutdown.

Meeting the needs of people during the covid -19 shutdown.

Author: Danny Adams

Planning Unit: Wayne County CES

Major Program: Small Farm Management

Outcome: Long-Term Outcome

The covid-19 shutdown became a problem of people getting information on different things in their lives. One of the problems were people being assured they would have a food supply for their families. So I had an African American family that wanted to grow their on garden during the shutdown call me. They asked and told me about what they new about growing a garden, but the biggest concern was keeping wildlife from eating the garden. They had plenty of deer, raccoon  and rabbits playing in their backyard ever since the lived there. They wanted to know how to grow a garden and not harm the wildlife that plays in their backyard.

I told them about the different electrical fences that have been used to keep the wildlife out of areas people don't want them in and the success they have had. So for the raccoon and rabbit control you need a low hanging electrical fence. The deer need a high fence to keep them from jumping into the garden spot. We decided they would try the electrical fence tape around their 30' by 60' garden spot. The tape was put up every 8 to 10 inches apart on their 5' fence.

We talked and texted about disease, insect and  weed control for their garden. They applied mulch for weed control in their garden, because the last time they had grown a garden they were children and the weeds was a tremendous problem. They wanted to use as few pesticides as possible, but was willing to use them when a problem arose. I told them about getting as much air movement around their plants to prevent diseases. He texted me pictures of insects that I identified for them, and I gave them recommendations on insecticides they could use to control the insects with. 

By the middle of August the family's garden had produce lots of vegetables for the family. The wildlife still play and slept in the backyard and they had no wildlife damage all year in their garden.

  The family thanked me for their garden success this year and wanted me to help them with trickle irrigation next year in their garden.

Whether we are still at home working or being back to normal the family still plans on growing a garden next year. Speaks highly of their success this year.

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