Success Story4-H To Go Kits

4-H To Go Kits

Author: Amanda Sublett

Planning Unit: Marion County CES

Major Program: 4-H Youth Development Programming

Plan of Work: Youth Development Programming

Outcome: Initial Outcome

In response to COVID-19 school, community and business closings, Marion County Cooperative Extension Service and the 4-H Program sought to address a community need to provide educational opportunities.  Due to COVID-19 social distancing, 4-H and Extension Programs developed 4-H To Go Kits and informational packets that helped to keep youth and clients informed and involved with  4-H and Extension programs during the pandemic.

Over 1500 informational packets were distributed through Central Kentucky Community Action in their monthly food distribution including recipe cards, youth Chop Chop Newsletters, Wally Cat Hand washing information and Staying Healthy Newsletters.  500 4-H To Go Kits were distributed by the local 21st Century Program to students who were learning remotely with NTI Days to provide engaging, hands on activities where youth learned by doing!  Kits included bean and sunflower seeds to start their own plants at home while learning all about the science behind starting your own seeds. Four-hundred bags were distributed with school lunches and included a calendar, healthy recipes, a cooking utensil, chalk and chalk activities, proper hand washing instructions and the Chop Chop magazine.  Sixty 4-H To Go Kits were also distributed with surveys. 

The Bartley family posted pictures of their Sunflowers planted from seeds in a 4-H To Go Kit and they also signed up for some cooking classes offered through 4-H on Facebook.  Many families were appreciative of the free activities to help keep their children engaged in learning. Hand-washing information was discussed at the local radio station as well as promoted our Facebook page.  Recipes utilizing food included in School lunch distribution were also posted to Facebook as well as videos and links for daily activities for kids.

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