Success StoryCommunity Service Baking Project

Community Service Baking Project

Author: Julia Wilson

Planning Unit: Hart County CES

Major Program: Leadership 4-H Core Curriculum

Plan of Work: 4-H Youth Development

Outcome: Long-Term Outcome

The National 4-H Organization shows that 4-H’ers are nearly four times more likely to make contributions to their communities In 2015 and 2016 the Edmonson County Family and Consumer Sciences Extension agent taught various community youth baking and cooking classes. In the summer of 2017, and 2018 the agent taught a baking series using the Super Star Chef: Knead a Little Dough Curriculum.

One female youth attended classes all four years and enrolled in 4-H. Another  female youth attended classes in 2017 and 2018 and enrolled in 4-H. In 2019 these young ladies were working toward their Silver Award for Girl Scouts. Part of this award application is completing community service projects. The two young ladies took the knowledge gained in the baking series and taught other girl scouts  how to bake. The girls then used a recipe they learned during their classes for homemade dog biscuits and borrowed cookie cutters from the Extension Office to make homemade dog treats. The girls delivered homemade dog treats to the local humane society.

The girls were awarded The Silver Award for their community service project. This is the 2nd highest level that a Girl Scout can achieve and the highest level that a Cadette can earn. 

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