Success Story4-H Dollars and Sense

4-H Dollars and Sense

Author: Raymond Cox

Planning Unit: Harlan County CES

Major Program: Family and Consumer Sciences 4-H Core Curriculum

Plan of Work: LIfe Skills and Financial Stablity

Outcome: Long-Term Outcome

The success of the 4-H Reality Store for high school students encouraged the beginning of a program for elementary students to teach financial planning and success. The 4-H Dollar and Sense program shows students how important it is to be good money managers for their financial futures. Each student is given an allotted amount of money for an allowance for a week. With this money, students have the freedom to choose to buy a pet, toys, fast food, candy, pet food, bicycle, roller blades or skate board. All students must visit each booth including purchasing a pet to learn responsibility and some type of transportation such as a bicycle, roller blades or skate board. The 4-H Dollars and Sense Program allows students a chance to gain first-hand knowledge about the importance of money management and a stable financial future. Over 500 students in Harlan County and Harlan Independent Schools fourth, fifth, and eighth participated in the program. Eighty-five percent of students expressed greater knowledge money-management skills. Ninety percent of the students expressed they had no idea that pets were so expensive and would think more when getting a pet. Instructors for all classes expressed satisfaction with the program and have already signed up for 4-H Dollars and Sense repeat programs for the 2018-19 school year.

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