Success StoryFitness for Produce

Fitness for Produce

Author: Kenna Knight

Planning Unit: Pendleton County CES

Major Program: Local Food Systems

Plan of Work: Promoting Health and Wellness from cradle to grave

Outcome: Long-Term Outcome

"Through our 'Fitness for Produce Challenge,' we ignited a health revolution in our community, rallying 49 participants to complete a remarkable total of 134 physical activities. These dedicated individuals engaged in ten diverse physical activities and embarked on five inspiring group-led hikes, fostering camaraderie and well-being.

As a result, we distributed $670 worth of tokens, providing participants the opportunity to make healthier food choices at our local farmers market. Not only did this initiative promote fitness and wellness, but it also strengthened our community bonds and supported our local farmers, creating a win-win scenario for all involved."

In an area where access to affordable produce is limited, we addressed this critical issue by rewarding participants with Farmer's Market tokens. By supporting our local farmers, this challenge not only encouraged a more active lifestyle but also improved access to fresh fruits and vegetables.  Local farmer's markets provide access to fresh, locally-grown fruits and vegetables that are often harvested at their peak ripeness, retaining their maximum nutritional value and flavor.

The program also supported our local farmer's markets which in returned offered a wide range of benefits to our local farmers. Those benefits included but were not limited to the following:

  1. Supporting Local Economies: Purchasing from local farmers keeps money within the community, supporting local businesses and livelihoods. Which can help create jobs and boost the local economy.
  2. Community Building: Farmer's markets often serve as community hubs, providing a gathering place for residents to connect, share knowledge, and strengthen social bonds.
  3. Supporting Small-Scale Farmers: Sustainable agriculture encourages small-scale and family farming, helping to maintain the livelihoods of these important contributors to the food system.

By supporting local farmer's markets and sustainable agriculture, individuals and communities can contribute to healthier and more resilient food systems, while also enjoying the many benefits associated with these practices.

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