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FY Planning Unit MAP Title Program Plan
Select 2021 Shelby County CES Leadership & Community Development and Vitality Developing Leadership & Volunteer Skills
Select 2021 Adair County CES Leadership and Community Development Leadership and Community Development
Select 2021 Calloway County CES Production Agriculture 2020 Agronomic Solutions (MTC, KLP)
Select 2021 Carroll County CES Community, Economic, and Leadership Development Adult and Youth Leadership
Select 2021 Boyle County CES Leadership Development Leaders Develop and Expand Leadership Skills
Select 2021 Elliott County CES Agriculture and Natural Resources Youth Agriculture outreach in the community
Select 2021 Fulton County CES Attaining Agriculture Stability Increasing Agricultural Stability through Cropping Systems, Marketing, and Pest Management
Select 2021 Hardin County CES Developing Leadership Skills for Community and Civic Engagement Activating Volunteer Leaders through Extension Programs
Select 2021 Laurel County CES Community Vitality Community Leadership
Select 2021 Logan County CES Sustainable Agriculture Increasing Livestock Production, Profitability, & Retention of Youth in Agriculture
Select 2021 Logan County CES Developing Leadership Community Leadership and Economic Development
Select 2021 Fayette County CES Green and Sustainable Living Green and Sustainable Living
Select 2021 Owen County CES Empowering Community Leaders Developing Community Leaders
Select 2021 Harrison County CES Safety Home and Farm Safety
Select 2021 Hickman County CES Improving Agricultural Knowledge and Practices Creating agricultural knowledge and improving agricultural and environmental practices in Hickman County
Select 2021 Casey County CES Volunteerism and Leadership Development Strengthening and Empowering Community Leaders, Volunteers, and Youth
Select 2021 Warren County CES Community Vitality Ag Awareness, Marketing & Leadership 2020
Select 2021 Greenup County CES Community Vitality Promoting Leadership and Community Development
Select 2021 Rockcastle County CES Engaged Communities Build Engaged and Empowered Communities
Select 2021 Nelson County CES Leadership Development, Civic Engagement, and Community Pride Developing Leadership and Volunteer Skills for Engagement with Community, Country and World
Select 2021 Floyd County CES Empowering Leaders and Communities Strengthening Extension and Community Leaders and Future Leaders
Select 2021 Breckinridge County CES Community Vitality Strengthening leaders to expand community leadership and economic development
Select 2021 Grant County CES Engaging Community Youth Teaching today's children to be tomorrow's leaders
Select 2021 Lincoln County CES Agriculture Profitability and Longevity Agriculture Sustainability and Marketing 2020-24
Select 2021 Webster County CES Community Vitality Empowering Community & Leaders
Select 2021 Daviess County CES Agriculture Production, Management, and Environment Agriculture Production, Management, and Environment
Select 2021 Bullitt County CES Leadership Development Develop Individuals for Volunteer Roles and Leadership Positions