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Jacqueline Doucet

Family Consumer Science Extension Agent

Program Areas

  • Family and Consumer Science

Success Stories

  • 04


    Savvy Online Grocery Shopping

    You can buy food from various locations - grocery stores, convenience stores, discount stores, and restaurants. A quickly growing option for food shopping is the online marketplace. Although online gr...

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  • 04


    Stocking and Using Pantry Staples

    The stocking and utilization of pantry staples have a profound impact on various aspects of daily life, including nutrition, convenience, financial well-being, and overall sustainability. By conscient...

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  • 09


    Laugh and Learn Playdates

    Laugh and Learn PlaydatesKentucky has reported thatonly51% of childrenattending kindergarteninBoyd Countyarepreparedand equipped to succeed.Inmany Kentucky counties, limited resourcesorthe environment...

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  • 05


    Meal Kits:Are They Worth It?

    It is estimated that 20 percent of adults in the United States have tried at least one meal kit delivery service. With the demand for convenience in our society, meal kits seem to be the answer for gr...

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