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Sarah Congleton

Family & Consumer Sciences Agent

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  • Family and Consumer Science

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    Leadership Montgomery County

    Recognizing the need to take a pro-active approach to building a stronger community, in 1992 the Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce partnered with the Montgomery County Cooperative Extension Servic...

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  • Super Star Chef



    Super Star Chef

    Many children in America are tasked with making their own meals and snacks in todays busy society, therefore most likely consuming foods and that are easy to grab and go or to microwave. Additionally,...

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  • Bread Making



    Bread Making

    In 2023, the Cooperative Extension Service noticed an increased curiosity community wide regarding Homesteading, specifically bread making. There are a lot of resources available online that pertain t...

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  • Automated External Defibrillator Project



    Automated External Defibrillator Project

    In the United States alone, nearly 1600 lives PER DAY are lost due to no AED being readily available. Virtually anyone with a heart (most of the population) could suffer from SCA (sudden cardiac arres...

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