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  • Hunter for the Hungry



    Hunter for the Hungry

    Kentucky Hunters for the Hungry (KHFH) is a charitable volunteer run organization comprised of responsible hunters and conservationist who encourage hunters to harvest and donate deer each season. KHF...

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  • BARN Bringing Awareness Right Now



    BARN Bringing Awareness Right Now

    According to the 2022 Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration 7.3 million rural adults reported having a mental health challenge. Suicide rates in Kentucky and our nation have contin...

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  • FCS Plays Bingocize



    FCS Plays Bingocize

    Bingocize® was created by Dr. Jason Crandall, Co-Director/Co-Founder at the WKU Center for Applied Science in Health & Aging. He created the socially engaging group-based game that combines health edu...

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    Fitness for Produce

    Through our Fitness for Produce Challenge, we ignited a health revolution in our community, rallying 49 participants to complete a remarkable total of 134 physical activities. These dedicated individu...

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