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Brooke Hogancamp

Carlisle County FCS Agent

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  • Family and Consumer Science

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  • Best Start Family Event



    Best Start Family Event

    The mission of the Governors Office of Early Childhood is to provide leadership and direction for the Commonwealth with the goal of maintaining a comprehensive and sustainable prenatal to age five ear...

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  • Carlisle County Senior Citizens Cook Through the Calendar



    Carlisle County Senior Citizens Cook Through the Calendar

    In the 2019 Carlisle County Community Needs Assessment report, community members recognized more senior citizen support programs in their top areas of concern among Youth & Families. Combined with are...

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    Making Exercise a Game with Bingocize®

    Community members of all ages need enhanced opportunities for physical and mental health. According to the 2020 US Census, ages 65 and over make up 22% of the population of Carlisle County (KY By the ...

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  • Service Through Recovery



    Service Through Recovery

    Access to food can be an area of concern in Carlisle County, especially for those with limited resources. While assistance programs are available, even those programs are limited due to the small size...

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