Active Living and Health Promotions GeneralMajor Program


Total Hours




with Local Stakeholders.



of Multistate Efforts.


Total Number

of Volunteers Engaged.

Program Indicators

Number of program participants reporting adoption of physical activity practices


Number of individuals who attended a fall prevention program


Number of program participants who improved one or more health indicator (cholesterol, blood pressure, body mass index, blood glucose)


Number of program participants who demonstrated an increase in physical activity levels


Number of participants who attended age related health and wellness programs not identified as a “major program.”Major age-related programs include: Keys to Embracing Again, 10 Warning Signs, and AARP Prepare to Care



Spring into Green: Outdoor Living

Spring into Green: Outdoor Living, was an area wide seminar hosted by the Purchase Area Family and Consumer Science agents at the Graves County Extension Office. Speakers at this years event focused on topics related to outdoor living including “Cooking in the Outdoors” with Champion Foods Volunteer Riff Turner, “Perennials and Wood Shrubs for Cut Flower Arrangements” with Martha White, and “Plant Propagation” with Lindsay Bowles. The goal of this event was to explore the benefits of being outdo...

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Spring into Green: Outdoor Living

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  • Owen County Summer Steps Challenge

    According to the 2021 County Health Rankings for Kentucky, 41% of Owen County adults reported no or limited physical activity. This percentage of physical inactivity brought the idea to promote physic... Read More

  • Ongoing Impact of Banana Festival Health Fair

    Rural Americans face numerous health disparities compared with their urban counterparts. More than 46 million Americans, or 15 percent of the U.S. population, live in rural areas as defined by the U.S... Read More

  • Babysitting Clinic

    Family Magazine reports that 76% of middle school age youth are babysitting either family members or others children. According to a new American Red Cross poll, parents say that good babysitters are ... Read More

  • Bingocize

    The first ever Bingocize program in Lincoln County was held in the spring of 2022. Bingocize is an evidence-based health promotion program that combines exercise with the game of bingo. Participants p... Read More

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