Family Development GeneralMajor Program


Total Hours




with Local Stakeholders.



of Multistate Efforts.


Total Number

of Volunteers Engaged.

Program Indicators

Number of individuals reporting improved parenting skills (i.e., skills to prepare child for life; use positive discipline techniques; use of empathy, family rules and effective boundaries; effective self-care techniques)


Number of individuals (parents, caregivers, grandparent, or relative) reporting improved personal knowledge (i.e., developmental stages of a child, techniques to encourage positive development, positive discipline techniques for children, healthy ways to promote children’s success in schools, and signs of abuse and neglect)


Number of individuals who reported using specific preventative and positive discipline techniques in response to child’s misbehavior


Number of individuals who practice effective parenting skills, such as parental empathy, proper ways of establishing family rules and/or boundaries, or concrete support of their child


Number of individuals who sought support from local community organizations and/or its individual members


Number of individuals who extended any type of support to another parent, grandparent, or relative raising a child


Number of participants who reported that they better understand the importance of caregiving preparation as a result of aging programs


Number of participants who attended parenting-related programs not identified as a “major program.”  Major parent-related programs include: Parenting a Second Time Around, Grandparents as Parents, Nurturing Parenting, and Nurturing Fathers


Number of participants who attended age-related programs focused on relationships/communication/caregiving and other issues facing aging families not identified as a “major program.”  Major age-related programs include: Keys to Embracing Again, 10 Warning Signs, and AARP Prepare to Care



Virtual Community Baby Shower

The Menifee County Family and Consumer Sciences agent partnered with the Menifee Family Resources, Menifee Health Department, Gateway Early Headstart Program and the UK Nutrition Education Program to host a virtual community baby shower for expecting and new parents.The virtual event consisted of three guest speakers who spoke on prenatal nutrition, breastfeeding and infant nutrition and early childhood development. Our speaker for prenatal nutrition was a University of Kentucky dietetic intern ...

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Virtual Community Baby Shower

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