4-H Science, Engineering, and Technology Core CurriculumMajor Program


Total Hours




with Local Stakeholders.



of Multistate Efforts.


Total Number

of Volunteers Engaged.

Program Indicators

Number of youth who indicated they ask questions about how things work (Common Measures – SC 10)


Number of youth who indicated they take things apart to see how they work (Common Measures – SC 14)


Number of youth who indicated they come up with ideas to build new things (Common Measures – SC 10)


Number of youth who indicated they learned new things about engineering in 4-H (Common Measures – SC 10)


Number of youth who follow the scientific method when making decisions.


Number of youth use knowledge and skills they learned from 4-H SET programs in daily life.



Cow Eyeball Dissection Through Virtual Experience

Each year, the 4-H Agent works with Grayson County 4th grade students at H.W. Wilkey Elementary and Oran P. Lawler Elementary schools supplementing SET activities into their science curriculum. The most anticipated activity of the year is the dissection of the cow eyeball among the two schools, additionally this year Caneyville Elementary was to do the dissection as well. The agent began preparing for the activity in January for roughly 190 students to take part in the dissection by ordering ove...

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Cow Eyeball Dissection Through Virtual Experience

Stories Behind the Numbers

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  • Electricity

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  • SET discovers new path for Teen Girl

    Over fall break Hopkins County 4-H held a series of day camps for youth who were not going anywhere for the week. The day camps that were planned were done in a manner that was not only fun for partic... Read More

  • SET for the Future through 4-H

    With a shortage of people to fill high demand, high skilled technology & related fields, Kentucky 4-H is uniquely positioned to provide opportunities for hands-on scientific learning and discovery in ... Read More

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