Woodland EducationMajor Program


Total Hours




with Local Stakeholders.



of Multistate Efforts.


Total Number

of Volunteers Engaged.

Program Indicators

Number of individuals that attended woodland education programs


Number of woodland acres owned by woodland education program attendees


Number of individuals that increased their understanding of the importance of healthy and productive woodland


Number of individuals indicating the woodland education program(s) helped them with their woodland


Number of individuals that planned or implemented one or more woodland management practices


Number of individuals with a management plan and those that plan to get one


Number of individuals that planned or worked with a natural resource professional


Number of individuals that planned or encouraged others to implement woodland management practices



From the Woods Today

Forests are tremendously important to the economic and ecological well-being of Kentucky. The state is 47% forested with over 12 million acres of woodlands and, collectively, the forest sector contributes over $13 billion annually to the states economy and over 53,000jobs. The vast majority of woodlands in the state are family owned. Supporting these woodland owners and their families is key and Extension specialists and county agents across the state, partnering with agencies like the Kentucky ...

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From the Woods Today

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